Internship web developer

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Tetouan, Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima
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A discuter
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4 Jours depuis

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Hello and welcome to YouStickOut. This offer is for people that seek to learn and take their knowledge to the next level. You will be supervised by the best of the best but bear in mind that you are the superhero here, and your superpower is your knowledge.
What we offer:
- Remote work
- Flexible time work
- Paid courses
- Periodic meetings with IT experts
- Some prior knowledge of creating mobile apps
- Intermediate English level (Or beginner: you need to add English lessons to your schedule)
If you believe in yourself, that's enough.
Send us your CV now !!!
Critères pour le poste: Internship Web developer
  • Domaine:
    - Informatique
    - Multimédia
    - Internet
  • Fonction: Informatique - Développement
  • Contrat: Stage
  • Salaire: A discuter
  • Niveau d'etudes: Pas important

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