Baltia Transformation Digitale

Baltia Transformation Digitale

Baltia Transformation Digitale

  • Tetouan, Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima
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Grupo Avalon is dedicated to Digital Transformation for International Organisations, Public Administration and IBEX-35 Companies.

It was founded in 2004, with the aim of achieving a business project in the ICT sector with technological and financial independence and international projection.

Avalon was born as a supplier for the Public Administration, seeking diversification to the Private Sector and having achieved, in 2015, a 50% balance of invoices between the Public and Private Sectors.

Grupo Avalon is a firm with a sustained growth, since 5 years ago, with double-digit figures in both turnover and EBITDA.

With this growth, they have gone from a staff of 350 employees in 2018 to the current 600 employees in 2021, with national headquarters in Madrid, Bilbao, Pamplona, Santander and Barcelona and 37 million annual turnover of the group.

Today they continue to diversify into the international market and accompany their current multinational clients with the opening of a new branch in Poland, the creation of two production centres in Latin America and North Africa and offices in Brussels and the USA.

Grupo Avalon has a framework agreement with the European Commission and collaborates with international organisations such as the UN, being a member of the United Nations Global Compact due to its commitment to society and to increasing sustainability by minimising material resources.

Forecasts for 2025 place them at a turnover of €60 million and a growth to 1200 employees.

Its philosophy involves being an accessible firm that understands and is sensitive to the needs and commitments of its stakeholders, the key to which is based on anticipation.